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The Arts Society Nerja and The Arts Society Costa del Sol Young Arts Project:
"Un Mundo Mejor – A better World"

Art as a social tool to include people and for personal development

As per Jorge Rando Museum: "To establish art as a tool for expression and personal development of socially at risk youngsters in a culturally depressed area of Málaga (and who do not have real access to culture). To encourage co-operation for social transformation and to establish art as a space that allows young people who are at risk of social exclusion, especially but not exclusively the children of refugees, to express themselves and hopefully to transcend barriers and difficulties through art".

We aim to encourage team work, self-esteem, positivity and creative expression through art. To establish it as a tool for the development of the critical capacity of young people and support a base of values and human rights that define them as citizens.

The Jorge Rando Museum and a local non-profit organisation that work with and is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable groups of socially excluded young people in the local area, such as refugee children in collaboration with The Arts Society Nerja and The Arts Society Costa del Sol.

The project has three parts, plus an excursion to the Nerja Caves at the end of the project to view early wall paintings.

1) Art Workshops in the Jorge Rando Museum's own atelier twice a week over a 2 month period (Feb – Mar 2017). The workshops will be engaging, creative, educational and team building. They will be led by an art historian and an artist. The former will guide the groups to help them to discover and understand the language and power of painting. The artist will lead the practical painting sessions culminating in paintings on canvasses. Jorge Rando will spend an afternoon with the youngsters to inspire and paint with them.

2) The workshops will be followed by an exhibition and concert in the Museum courtyard. These will be held on a Saturday to enable as many parents and families as possible to take part. Other art forms such as poetry and dance will be available to those who may not wish to take part in the painting workshops.

3) With the knowledge acquired during the workshops, based on a design developed by the young people and an experienced Urban Art artist, a mural will be created on a wall of a local school. This will ensure that after the project, an artistic creation will remain for the local residents to take pride in. A guided tour of the Soho Maus Mural project he programme will serve as inspiration for this part of our project.

4) We hope to be able to arrange a visit to the Nerja Caves where there are cave paintings, the earliest form of "murals". This depends on special permission as access to the paintings is restricted. This visit will take place at the end of the project.

As an optional extra, youngsters who may not be interested in the painting workshops will be offered the opportunity to make a documentary of the project.


Would you like to make a donation?

You can make a donation in cash at any of the lectures


you could make a bank transfer. Our bank details are:

Bank: La Caixa, Av. de Pescia 9, 29780 Nerja
Account: The Arts Society Nerja
IBAN: ES05 2100 6867 1102 0005 5106
If you make a donation by bank transfer, please use the reference 'YAP 2017-18' plus your name.

Time line:
Part 1: The workshops: February - March 2017 with two sessions a week.
Part 2: Exhibition and concert: Early April
Part 3: Mural: End of April 2017 – 3 days.
Part 4: Visit to Nerja Caves: Early May 2017 (to be confirmed).

Our two Societies will set up a joint working committee that will liaise with the Jorge Rando project personnel to prepare and implement the project.

Estimated Costs:
A budget has been drawn up to cover the artist and material costs along with the costs of making the visit to the Nerja caves should this come about. Both Societies will contribute 500€ each and will attempt to get sponsorship contributions to the costs. We have also applied for a grant from The Arts Society UK.

Media Partners:
The Jorge Rando Museum has excellent Spanish media contacts and our Societies will add our long established relationships with local international publications such as SUR in English, Deutsche Sur and Euro Weekly among others for publicity.

Conclusion: The importance of a project like this one
The current reality of a world divided and in many regions war torn, promoting equality and human rights, we think is an important and worthwhile goal. Knowledge and education are basic tools for this as is the Arts, a universal language that can be understood by all in the world.

We think that a project of this kind involving the creative expression through an art form that very much appeals to young people will bring a positive experience to them and help us to achieve the objectives mentioned above.