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Become a member for the 2020-2021 season which runs from October 2020 to May 2021 and you will enjoy:

  • An excellent programme* of monthly lectures, 8 delivered by The Arts Society accredited lecturers and a further 5 lectures given by local experts.
  • A Member's Talk*.
  • The Arts Society Magazine (sent by mail by The arts society UK)
  • Highlights: several short articles on art sent by email by The Arts Society UK
  • Become an Expert on ...: regular articles by one of The Arts Society lecturers sent to you by email by The Arts Society UK.
  • Priority and discounts on our 1-day excursions and multi-day trips, to places of interest with art-related themes
  • Access to 4 one-hour lectures between September and December at home via the website of The Arts Society.
  • Members' Drinks Party* to open the season in Bar MarBella
  • You will receive a regular E-Newsletter, full of information about the Arts Society Nerja.
* subject to constraints and restrictions imposed on us because of Covid-19.

You may join: Online, using the form on this page.

You may pay:

  • Cash or cheque directly into our bank account (you will need to visit our bank to do this).
  • By bank transfer (our preferred option).
  • Online, using a credit or debit card as part of the application process.
Please note
  • Our bank account details will be sent to you when you send us your online application (unless you pay by card).
  • We will not be accepting cash or cheques at any of our meetings

Online Membership Application

Note for season 2019-20 members.
We have sent you by email a personalised renewal invitation.
This email contains a clickable link that takes you to the special 'renewals' page on the website. This page contains a renewal form that is already populated from the Membership database with the information we have about you.

All you have to do is check that the information is still correct, change it if necessary, and click on the 'renew' button.

This reduces the work for both you and the Membership Secretary.

You will still have to pay, of course!

However, if you like filling in forms, read on ...
What to do:
  1. Complete the form below and click the apply button.
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Choose your payment method (€50 per person)
    - into our bank by a cash/cheque deposit (you will need to visit our bank to do this)
    - into our bank by bank transfer (our preferred option).
    - online now, using credit/debit card, as part of the joining process.

    If you pay into the bank, you will receive an automated email with your details, along with our bank details; we will write separately to confirm that your subscription has been received.
    Please note - you will not receive full membership benefits until we have received your payment.

  4. NB. A separate application is needed for each person.
Were you a member in season 2019-2020?*
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