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Zoom Guidance Note 3

How to join a webinar


1. Click on the link you were sent by email. Do this is good time, in case there are delays that would otherwise make you miss the beginning of the lecture.

2. Start the Zoom app. Depending on your system this may be automatic or you may be asked to confirm an action; if asked, say yes.

3. Put an email address and name in the appropriate boxes of the popup form. Zoom insists that you give an email address and name.  Please note - we already have this information from your personalised link and we don't need it again.  We don't care what you put here - any email (eg A@A.AA) and any name (eg A) will do.

4. You will be taken to the lecture's start screen.

5. During the lecture you cannot be seen or heard by anyone else.  Just as in the real lecture theatre, you can't pause the presentation if you have to leave the room.

6. You can join the lecture at any time; you won't disturb anybody. Since this is a live presentation, you can't 'wind back' to the beginning.

7. You will be able to use the chat facility to ask questions, which will be dealt with at the end.

8. You can leave the lecture at any time - just click on the leave button.

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