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Zoom Guidance Note 4

Problem loading the Zoom app into Windows

Your Windows 10 may have been set up to allow apps only from the Microsoft app store. Unfortunately the Zoom app isn't in this store.If this is the case for you, you will see a message telling you about it. If there's no message, then carry on. If there is a problem the remedy is simple - change one of the settings. See below for a step by step guide.

Windows 7 and 8 don't seem to affected.


This is what you do.

step 1. Click on the Windows button (bottom left-hand corner of the screen).

See (something like) this:


1a. hover the cursor over the column.; see (something like) this:


step 2. Click on the Settings button

See this (or similar):

step 3. Click on  'Apps'. See this or similar:

Step 4. Choose anywhere from the dropdown list.

There may be more than one anywhere option - it doesn't seem to matter which one you choose. 


step 5.

Close the Setting panel. You are now ready to download the Zoom app.



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