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Zoom guidance note 6

How to check the version number of your Zoom app

To take part in a Zoom webinar your app needs to be version 5 or higher. If you downloaded the app in June 2020 or later, you will have a suitable app. If your app is older than that, then it may be too old.

Finding your app version number is easy, but is different for different devices an operating systems. Here's a step by step guide for:

Windows 10, Windows 7,

Android phone and tablet

We also add Apple devices to this page when we have any information about them.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION. If you have an Apple device, please tell us about how you can check an app's version number.


A. Windows 10

step 1. Click on the Windows button (bottom left-hand corner).

see something like this:

step 2. Hover the cursor over the strip ..

step 3. Click on settings.

The settings dialog box appears..

step 4. click on Apps

A box opens with a list of your apps. Scroll down the list until you get to Zoom. which is probably at the bottom. You will see something like this ...

step 5. click on Zoom ...

This shows that the Zoom app is at version 5.1.
No further action needed - just close the settings dialogue box.
If the version number is less than 5, it's probably simpler to uninstall the app from this panel, and then go back to the Zoom website  and download the latest version.



B. Windows 7

step 1. Click on the Windows button at the bottom left-corner of the screen.

This dialogue box appears: 

Type control panel in the search box and press Enter or click the magnifying glass.

A dialogue box like the following appears (the layout may be different on your computer) ...

step 2. Click on Programs and Features

Another box will appear, listing all your apps. 

Scroll down to Zoom. The version number is shown in the right-hand column. Instructions on how to uninstall are given the top of the box.



C. Android phone

step 1. Tap settings on your phone screen

step 2. Taps Apps

step 3. Scroll down Zoom

step 4. Tap Zoom.The version number appears and so does the option to uninstall.
If the version number is 5.0 or greater, no further action is needed. Otherwise, it's probably simpler to uninstall now and then go to the Zoom website and install the latest version.



D. Apple devices

iPhone: no idea

iPad: no idea

Mac laptop/desk top: no idea


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