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Our Aims

The Arts Society Nerja is a charity but when we find ourselves with an unplanned surplus, we reach out to support other charities, often related to Art.
We have as one of our most important aims to support Charities in order 

  • to make a difference in people's lives
  • to develop skills and personality
  • to heal
  • to enjoy and have a great time
  • to stimulate young artistic talent to excel.

We support in three ways:

  1. We collaborate in Art Projects in which Art is used as a tool to stimulate the artistic and creative development of people of any age, children, young people or old people who are in difficult circumstances, who are less fortunate, who are living on the margin of society, those who are vulnerable and in need of help.
  2. We support and stimulate young musicians by awarding prizes at The Arts Society Nerja Young Music Festival which we will hold for the first time in the season 2021 – 22.
  3.  We support the Comedores Sociales who support with food those people who are in financial distress.


Our Projects

For a few years we were actively engaged in Art projects in collaboration with secondary education in Almuñécar and Nerja.


In 2018 we collaborated with the Museo Jorge Rando in Málaga and the CEAR  (Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado) in the project for young refugees Un Mundo Mejor. We supported art classes, an exhibition and a mural in their home.





In 2019 we collaborated with The Museo Jorge Rando and the SOS Children's Villages (UNESCO) in El Palo for children and parents at risk in a project called Forging Identity. Art classes were organized and an exhibition in the Museum Jorge Rando.

For our season 2019-2020 we collaborated with Caixa Obras Sociales to make it possible to make as much difference as we can in children's lives.




In 2020 we supported a theatrical project for a group of disabled young people in collaboration with Taller de la Amistad in Nerja in which they learn skills that help them in their physical and personal development, and which gives them a lot of joy. The project consisted of classes and a performance in the Centro Cultural was planned.






In the winter of 2020/2021, during the crisis of Covid 19, we supported the Food charities in Nerja, Solidaria Nerja and in Vélez Málaga, Emaus Obra de Amor, as in these times of crisis more essential support was needed.







In 2021 we are in the process of working on a very exciting new initiative: A music competition for young talent, The Arts Society Nerja Young Music Festival. The winners will be awarded a substantial financial award to further their musical development. It is a project to stimulate young artistic talent to excel.

We will also contribute to a project for those in need of help.