28th Nov
18:00 (CET)

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Andy Warhol
Speaker: Alejandra Carazo
Venue: Cultural Centre and your home (see below)
Date: 28th November at 18:00 (Spanish time)
Sponsor: Blevins Franks   

"Who is Andy Warhol?"
Art is anything you can get away with : this phrase by Andy Warhol defines his bravery in deciding to show as art what for many were everyday elements.
Andy Warhol was a visionary of today's culture when he said that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes, very significant for a person who lived when social media and Big Brother only existed in George Orwell's books.
But Andy Warhol was more than just an artist who photographed celebrities and who amused himself in Studio 54 with a somewhat strange and unhealthy look.
Behind his seemingly superficial works is an interesting inner world that is evident in his writings and opinions. 

His famous Campbell cans, which were a reflection of the food of the poor class in the United States where he came from, Marilyn Monroe, as an American goddess whose life had a tragic background, or his interest in fashion and illustration, as he arrived in the artworldt from  fashion illustration, whose designs were sought after by the most famous magazines.
Against the glitter and shine of some of his most famous works, sometimes seemingly decorative, there is a man who is not very talkative, but very observant of the society around him. His companion was a Polaroid behind which he hid and portrayed the changing world of the 70s and 80s.

Andy Warhol is a world to know and this talk will delve into the person and artist to understand his work..

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