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Date: 27th April at 6.00 pm (Spanish time)
Venue: Your house, delivered using Zoom

Bombs and Bougainvillea

Linda Decker

Linda Decker will talk to us about her posting as an expat to Jerusalem. After living for eight wonderful years in Jordan, over ten years in the Arab world and two decades in Muslim countries in the Far and Middle East, in 2010 Linda and her family were relocated from Amman in Jordan to Jerusalem, a journey of only 80 kilometres.

This family was used to living overseas but, for the first time in two decades of being a global nomad, Linda felt alien in her new host country. 

She was shocked by the level of security and the difficulties of travelling in and out of the West Bank through the barrier wall between Israel and Palestine.

Linda had the opportunity to meet and get to know Israelis and Arabs, Jerusalemites and Ramallahns, and to enjoy their food, celebrations, culture and ways of life. 

She learnt about all sorts of Jews, the holidays, the matchmakers and the kaleidoscope of people, nationalities and beliefs, all of which make up modern-day Israel.

The family explored both Israel and the Palestinian Occupied Territories, making friends, learning more about the people and their beliefs as they travelled around the region and engaged with local communities.

At a time when the Israelis and Palestinians live in parallel, with virtually no opportunity to experience how the other half lives, it’s worth taking time to discover what day-to-day life is like for ordinary Israelis and Palestinians, and exploring the nation of Israel beyond the political rhetoric. 

Linda’s award winning travel memoir is a personal account of life lived and observed both in Israel and in Palestine. It is anecdotal and not an academic or historical account. Linda will share with us how her memoir came about, some stories highlighting some of the challenges of living in the region and will read extracts from her book.

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Your house, delivered using Zoom at 6.00 pm (Spanish time)
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